Desde el Observatorio Tecnológico del ITC pretendemos contribuir al proceso de transferencia de conocimiento del sector cerámico por lo que os ofrecemos una pequeña selección de los avances tecnológicos que han marcado la edición de CEVISAMA 2020. Descarga el informe

Effects of porous ceramic roof tile waste aggregate on strength development and carbonation resistance of steam-cured fly ash concrete

Autores: Ogawa, Y. et Al This study aims to investigate the effects of porous ceramic waste coarse aggregate (PCWA), which was used as an internal curing agent, on the compressive strength, shrinkage, and carbonation resistance of steam-cured concrete using fly ash (FA) at the replacement ratios of 0%, 20%, and 40% by mass. The PCWA replacement ratios amounted to 0%, 10%, and 20% of the coarse aggregate […]

Effects of ceramic tile powder waste on properties of self-compacted alkali-activated concrete

Autores: Huseien, G.F. et Al This study explored rheological and hardened-state properties of self-compacting alkali-activated concrete (SCAAC) incorporating ceramic tile powder waste (CPW) for construction activities. Samples containing 100% ground blast furnace slag (GBFS) were used as reference. Test data revealed that the mini-slump flow enhanced, while the plastic viscosity of SCAAC reduced when 50% or higher concentration of CPW was mixed with GBFS. Also, CPW affected […]

Life cycle assessment of sanitaryware production: A case study in Italy

Autores: Silvestri, L. et Al Sanitaryware products are one of the most diffused ceramic materials. In the present study, an environmental assessment of sanitaryware production was carried out. The Life Cycle Assessment was performed with a cradle-to-gate approach, considering the product life cycle from resource extraction to the factory gate of an Italian company and it aims to evaluate the environmental weight of sanitaryware production, […]

Mechanical characterisation of a low-thickness ceramic tile cladding subject to ageing phenomena

Autores: Bazzocchi, F. et Al In recent years, an innovative system for a rainscreen façade system with low thickness and large tiles of porcelain stoneware has been patented. This paper presents the results of a large experimental campaign investigating mechanical performance of a ceramic tile in 3different configurations: tile without net, with fiberglass net glued on the back, and the entire cladding system (slab/net/frame). The main objective […]


Número de publicación: US20190345348 Fecha de publicación: 14 de noviembre de 2019 Solicitante: PERVAN; Darko RESUMEN: A method and equipment to form a digital print by applying dry colourants on a surface of a panel, bonding a part of the colourants with a binder and removing the non-bonded colourants from the surface. The method of forming a digital print on a surface of a panel […]


Número de publicación: EP3570714 Fecha de publicación: 27 de noviembre de 2019 Solicitante: CELIK RESUMEN: The invention relates to an integrally manufactured ceramic shower tile (1 ) for use on the floors of shower areas in any and all indoor/outdoor areas such as house, hotel, pension, beach, spa, bath house, hot spring, timeshare holiday facilities, and letting waste water to flow into the drainage hole […]


Número de publicación: WO2019223196 Fecha de publicación: 28 de noviembre de 2019 Solicitante: SUZHOU SHEN DING CERAMIC TECH CO LTD RESUMEN: An oil-permeable porous ceramic material, a preparation method therefor, and an application of the ceramic in an electronic cigarette. The ceramic is prepared by sintering spherical ceramic particles with a micro-powder capable of being co-fired with the spherical ceramic particles into a porous ceramic […]


Número de publicación: US20190358851 Fecha de publicación: 28 de noviembre de 2019 Solicitante: SACMI RESUMEN: A device (100) for compacting a layer (MT) of powder material; the device (100) comprises a movable surface (12), which is designed to convey the layer (MT) of powder material in a predefined feeding direction (F); a compacting belt (22) positioned over the transport surface (12); a pressing station (40, […]

Studying the feasibility of a selection of Southern European ceramic clays for the production of lightweight aggregates

Autores: Moreno-Maroto, J.M. et Al Nine clays traditionally used in the ceramic brick and tile sector in Southern Europe were evaluated for the production of lightweight aggregates: four from Spain, three from Portugal and two from Italy. The clays’ suitability was thoroughly examined according to their capacity for pelletizing, their tendency to burst during heating, the firing temperature and their technological properties. A greater proportion of phyllosilicates over nonplastic […]

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