Submicro-zirconia crystal-intergrown zircon opaque glaze


Autores: Yu, Y. et Al

Zircon opaque glaze is widely used in sanitary and building ceramic products due to its high-temperature stability. Massive amounts of zircon are consumed by the ceramic industry yearly. In this work, a method to reduce zircon consumption and enhance opaque effect was proposed by intergrowth of submicro zirconia. Alumina was added to a K–Na–Ca–Al–Si–Zr system glaze to prepare a 5 wt % content highly opaque glaze, where zirconia coexisted with zircon. The crystallization behavior, opacification properties, and Vickers hardness of the glaze were investigated. Back-scattered electron images showed that when Al2O3 addition increased into more than 13 wt %, abundant of submicro zirconia crystals would intergrow with zircon crystals. The glaze containing 13 wt % Al2O3 had an L* value of 96.76 ± 0.27 after being fired at 1220 ℃.

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