Decomposition of vehicle exhaust on pavement with nanotitanium oxide and promoting function of pyroelectric materials


Autores: Li, F. et Al

According to the actual road conditions, the representative temperature, ultraviolet light intensity, and exhaust concentration were selected as the test environment. A study of the law of vehicle exhaust decomposition under different levels was conducted, and the phenomenon of temperature-light equivalence during a catalytic process was proposed. The decomposition products of exhaust gas from nanotitanium dioxide were detected by chemical analysis, and relevant information was obtained through the reaction process. Besides this, the effects of a piezoelectric system and pyroelectric materials on the catalytic efficiency of nanotitanium dioxide were also investigated. Meanwhile, the influence of pyroelectric materials on the catalytic activity of nanotitanium dioxide in different environments was also evaluated. With the increase of load, loading frequency, and temperature, the effect of tourmaline powder on the decomposition of vehicle exhaust gas is improved, and the influence of load and temperature was more obvious than that of the frequency.

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