A kind of preparation method of foamed ceramic


Número de publicación: CN109867513A

Fecha de publicación: 5 de mayo de 2019

Solicitante: r赵威戴永刚张国涛马梦兰江期鸣


The present invention relates to foamed ceramic fields, specifically disclose a kind of preparation method of foamed ceramic.The preparation method is added composite foamable agent and high temperature oxygen agent obtains mixed powder, carry out ball milling, granulation, cloth and firing to polish slag, useless brick bits, tailing and potassium feldspar as raw material;Wherein, each component is by weight are as follows: slag 25-30 part of polishing, useless brick bits 20-25 parts, 40-45 parts of tailing, 5-10 parts of potassium feldspar, 0.3-0.7 parts of composite foamable agent, 0.1-0.3 parts of high temperature oxygen agent.The present invention replaces the polishing slag of part and useless brick to consider to be worth doing, solves the problems, such as the solid waste insufficient raw materials such as the following polishing slag, useless brick bits for foamed ceramicenterprise by firing foamed ceramic as raw material to polish slag, useless brick bits, tailing, potassium feldspar using a large amount of tailings.It is composite foamed using calcium carbonate and two kinds of foaming agents progress of silicon carbide, so that foamed ceramicfoaming effect is more preferable.The addition of high temperature oxygen agent ferroso-ferric oxide can discharge oxygen in pyrolytic.

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