Low-fusing porcelain glaze application does not damage the fatigue strength of Y-TZP


Autores:  Zucuni, C.P. et Al

This study evaluated and compared the effects of two glaze application methods (brush and spray) on the fatigue strength and surface characteristics (topography and roughness) of a translucent yttrium stabilized partially tetragonal zirconia polycrystal ceramic (Y-TZP) prior to and after grinding. Disc-shaped specimens of translucent Y-TZP (Vita YZ-HT; Vita-Zahnfabrik) were processed (ISO 6872–2015) and randomly allocated into 6 groups, according to the surface treatments performed on the tensile surface: Ctrl – as-sintered (no treatment); Gr – grinding with a diamond bur (181 μm-grit; #3101G); Br – glaze obtained from a powder–liquid mix and applied by brush (Vita Akzent; Vita Zahnfabrik); Sp – glaze application via spray (Vita Akzent Plus; Vita Zahnfabrik); Gr + Br and Gr + Sp – association of grinding + respective glaze method. Analyses of surface roughness (Ra and Rz), fatigue strength (staircase method), surface topography and fractography were carried out. The as-sintered condition had the smoothest surface, while grinding led to the rougher and more heterogeneous topography. Both glaze application methods showed a potential for topography evenness (smoothening effect), while the glaze spray method led to thinner layers of material, showing a limitation in reducing the roughness compared to the brush method. No deleterious effect on fatigue strength of the Y-TZP could be observed, as the glaze-spray application on the as-sintered surface showed the highest values. Fractography depicted two distinct fracture origin regions: from defects in the surface/sub-surface region for the Ctrl and Gr groups; and at the zirconia-glaze layer interface for Br, Sp, Gr + Br and Gr + Sp. The clinical relevance of this work is that the tested glaze application methods did not damage the fatigue strength of the tested Y-TZP.

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