Multinuclear core/shell hematite/glass particles for peeling-free red overglaze enamels on porcelain


Autores: Inada, H. et Al

For red overglaze enamel decoration, a type of colored ceramic coating for ceramics, a partial peeling might occur in mass-produced ceramic ware products. In this study, multinuclear core/shell hematite/glass composite particles, comprising a hematite core and a glass shell, where hematite particles are highly dispersed in a glass matrix, were developed to prepare a red coating material that could achieve a bright red-colored overglaze enamel without peeling. A peeling-free, bright yellowish red-colored overglaze enamel could be obtained when using the composite particles as the red paint. The former function (preventing peeling) can be derived from micrometric size of the shell glass particles and the latter function (high chroma and lightness) is caused by highly dispersive hematite particles in the shell glass particles. Our results suggest that the composite particles are suitable for mass-production due to their peeling-free nature, indicating a potential to be widely used as coloring for ceramic coating products.

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