Experimental study of growth of silver nanoparticles embedded in Bi2O3-SiO2-B2O3 glass


Autores: Fang, Y. et Al

In this work, a novel Ag nanoparticle doped bismuth glass frit was fabricated by the melt-quenching method. The effect of varying heat treatment temperature on the structural and optical evolution of Ag nanoparticles in glass host is investigated using DSC, XRD, SEM, TEM, XPS and optical absorption methods. XRD patterns confirmed the amorphous nature of glass samples. SEM images indicated the uniform distribution of silver in glass matrix. TEM manifested the growth of silver nanoparticles with the increasing heat treatment temperature having the average diameter from 6 nm to 9 nm. The XPS photoelectron spectra of Ag 3d5/2 band and Bi 4f bands indicated the redox reaction between Ag+ and low valence state bismuth ions during the heat treatment procedure. SPR band is observed in the region of 430–641 nm. Interestingly, the enhanced local electronic field aroused by the silver nanoparticles shifts the ultra-violet absorption cut-off edge to the lower wavelength sideband reducing the Urbach energy bands. The enhancement in concentration of bridging oxygen by the thermal oxidation of bismuth may be responsible for this change.

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