Experimental investigation on transpiration cooling for porous ceramic with liquid water


Autores: Zhang, B. et Al

Experiments are conducted in the arc-heated wind tunnel to investigate the transpiration cooling performances for SiC porous ceramic (0.98 g/cm3) with liquid water. It is experimentally found a new phenomenon that the ice beard forms on the specimen in the high enthalpy environment (15000 kJ/kg). Besides, the shape and size of ice beard are related to the uniformity of pores distribution on the surface of porous ceramic. At mainstream with specific enthalpy 5500 kJ/kg, heat flux 1900 kW/m2 and pressure 7800 Pa, the surface temperature of SiC porous ceramic with a coolant liquid water rate of 0.2 g/s just climbs to 360 K from 271 K, while its surface temperature without coolant permeating from the ceramic sharply increases to 1025 K. Therefore, transpiration cooling of SiC porous ceramic with liquid water is found to be effective. This work can provide a relatively useful reference for the design of active thermal protection system in hypersonic vehicles.

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