Mechanical characterisation of a low-thickness ceramic tile cladding subject to ageing phenomena


Autores: Bazzocchi, F. et Al

In recent years, an innovative system for a rainscreen façade system with low thickness and large tiles of porcelain stoneware has been patented. This paper presents the results of a large experimental campaign investigating mechanical performance of a ceramic tile in 3different configurations: tile without net, with fiberglass net glued on the back, and the entire cladding system (slab/net/frame). The main objective is to determine material mechanical characteristics (e.g. modulus of rupture and Young’s modulus) considering a protocol of artificial ageing (fatigue test, freeze-thaw, heat-rain, H2O Saturation, heat treatment, accelerated corrosion SO2 and NaCl, irradiation UVB and condensation) in order to understand the possible decay during the service life and consequently to design the technological solution of a rainscreen façade system. The results showed that on the modulus of rupture the most influences ageing effects are fatigue test and freeze-thaw while the influence on young’s modulus is negligible. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider second-order effects for the evaluation of the resistance and, finally, that the fiberglass net does not lead to a significant increase in resistance.

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