3-D Printers Advance Architecture, Design and Engineering at KSUA

University engineers and designers are developing ideas from concept to prototype using some of the latest 3-D printers. The layer by layer printing process has helped professors and students explore new possibilities for creating prototypes, formula car parts, models, tools, and — on a less conventional note — eyeglasses, custom-made clothes and intricately designed puzzles. In the College of Architecture, Planning & Design, two professors […]

3D Printing Market by Technology (SLA, SLS, EBM, FDM, EBM, LOM, 3DP), Materials (Polymers, Metal), Application (Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Healthcare, Government & Defense) & Geography (Americas, Europe, APAC & ROW) (2013 – 2020)

By: marketsandmarkets.com Publishing Date: November 2013 3D printing has been evolving as a technique to create 3D models and prototypes, in many industries, namely, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer products- in order to investigate the possibility of completing a project in lesser time and with few resources. However, in the last two decades, 3D printing has made a radical shift from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing”, mainly, because […]

Three-dimensional printer, ceramic article and method of manufactureThree-dimensional printer, ceramic article and method of manufacture

Solicitante: UNIV BOWLING GREEN STATE N. de publicación: US8568649 The present invention includes a method of preparing a ceramic precursor article, the ceramic precursor made thereby, a method of making a ceramic article and an article made by that method. It also includes a method of replicating a ceramic shape. Also included is a method of making a ceramic precursor, and the finished ceramic article therefrom, involving […]

3D printing – the greener choice3D printing – the greener choice

3D printing isn’t just cheaper, it’s also greener, says Michigan Technological University’s Joshua Pearce. Even Pearce, an aficionado of the make-it-yourself-and-save technology, was surprised at his study’s results. It showed that making stuff on a 3D printer uses less energy—and therefore releases less carbon dioxide—than producing it en masse in a factory and shipping it to a warehouse. Most 3D printers for home use, like […]

Desarrollan un sistema de impresión 3D barato y con cualquier fuente de luz

Investigadores de la Universidad de La Laguna han desarrollado un sistema de impresión en 3D más barato y asequible, que permitiría fabricar objetos con precisión en el rango de 200 micras y que funcionaría con cualquier tipo de fuente de luz visible, sin necesidad de usar un láser UV. La mayoría de los procesos de impresión 3D tienen como origen la estereolitografía, es decir, la […]

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